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Ray Michaels

Ray is live every weekday from 3-7pm!

Like many others, Ray Michaels enjoys the finer things in life but long ago decided to give them up to work in radio. All kidding aside, Ray’s been on the air almost every day for more than 30 years at stations all over the Southeast U.S. Believe it or not, his first radio job was right here in Daytona in 1985, so he’s come full circle by joining WLOV for afternoons. Ray enjoys all kinds of music, being outdoors, and is somewhat of a technology geek. He’s most at home when playing people’s favorite songs, telling stories and expounding on little thoughts and ideas that make life interesting & fun. Ray’s abundant energy and sometimes silly sense of humor make him the perfect radio companion. Tune-in as he gets you home from work while singing along with the Greatest Hits of all time! Join Ray Michaels 3-7 every afternoon on Daytona’s Listen At Work Station 99.5 – WLOV.