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China’s Spacecraft Landing on the Far Side of the Moon

In case you haven’t seen this:  China’s National Space Administration has released new video of their lunar module descending and landing on the far side of the moon a couple of weeks ago.



The camera is positioned so that you see the surface of the moon getting closer and closer.  You can also see the absolute blackness of outer space.



About half way in, the camera pivots to the moon’s surface and it seems like things pick up speed as the spacecraft closes in and touches down.

Makes me wanna break out my Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” record!  Enjoy! \m/



(Search for “Chang’e-4 Descent Footage.”  The camera starts its pivot downward at 0:59.  The touchdown is at 2:14.  You can read more about it, here.)



Originally posted on January 14th, 2019